Hope Remains

Zephaniah has a lot to say about God's judgment, jealousy, wrath. Sometimes the book can seem so heavy that there is little wonder about why we don't spend much time if any reading it or hearing it preached from very often.  Yet woven throughout these prior subjects in the book's three chapters are gems concerning God's grace, love, faithfulness, plans, and how we can have genuine hope. Let's be honest, after the past couple of years of experiencing Covid, racial tensions, growing opposition towards the Church, a heated election, continued political division, inflation, general life struggles, and an uncertain world stage - who doesn't want or need hope?

Through this series, we pray that the Holy Spirit would help you gain an overall grasp of the book and its place in the biblical storyline, have correctly placed faith resulting in genuine hope, and help you live with hope now as you point others to the One who is our hope.