The Power of Movement

One of the most powerful ways to help your child understand the lesson is by moving. Whether it be games, object lessons, or crafts, these activities allow your child to connect with the lesson on a deeper level. Below you will find a variety of resources that will help you do that!

Plate It
Week 1

Nailed It! Morning OJ!

Hey, kids! This month, we're transforming our space into . . . drum roll, please! The Plate It Cooking Show! There will be food puns galore, and we'll have tons of fun preparing food and doing food challenges as we learn about the prophets and also how we can prepare ourselves for God and living life the way God wants us to.

With that said, orange you glad you came today? Let's kick it off with our "Nailed It!" segment of the show, where I'll do my best to make my food look as close to the model as possible.

Each week, we'll progress through the courses of a meal. Are you ready? Okay!

What is almost always the first question a server at a restaurant asks you? If you said, "What would you like to drink?" you are correct!

Ah, the most refreshing way to start a meal. I wonder what drink I'll have to make today!

[Carefully lift the decorated box to reveal the model glass of orange juice.]

Taco-bout refreshing! Looks like I'm going to get my squeeze on by making a glass of OJ to look like this fancy model.

INSTRUCTIONS: Before the kids arrive, place the prepared drink or picture model on the table and cover it with the decorative box. Place the ingredients box on the table. "Build" your OJ behind the ingredients box to build up suspense. Have kids only see you juicing the oranges, choosing a straw, etc. When you are done, choose three kids to come up and be on the judges panel to decide if you nailed it or not. Then invite them to help you fix the problem areas.

You ready to see how we did? Nailed it!Just like we start off our meals with a beverage, we're talking today about the first step we need to take in knowing God!

Plate It
Week 2

"Crazy Plates"

INSTRUCTIONS: Divide the kids into smaller groups. Prepare a set of plates for each group by writing the words or phrases of Ephesians 2:10 on each plate. Mix up the plates, and place them face down. Have kids take turns flipping one plate over at a time. If it doesn't have the next word or phrase on it, have them flip the plate back over and allow another kid a turn. If it has the next phrase in the verse, have them keep the plate face up and place it next to the one with the previous phrase. After each phrase is found, have kids repeat the part of the verse they've put together so far until they are able to say the whole verse.

Plate It
Week 3

"What's the Noise"

How many of you have ever helped a grownup cook in the kitchen? That's a lot of fun, right? I'm sure you've heard lots of different sounds when you were helping.

Let's play a game. I will play a sound you might hear in the kitchen and listen to see if you can guess what it is!

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Gather the children around a computer, tablet or cell phone. Play through as many kitchen sounds as time allows, and see how many the kids can guess correctly!
Plate It
Week 4

"Return the Result"

INSTRUCTIONS: Pick a few kids to come to the front. Have them draw something on a piece of paper. Hand their drawings to leaders and have them transform the kids' drawings by coloring them in or adding to them creatively. You could even have the kids tell the leaders what they would like added to their drawings. Have the leaders return the drawings to their owners.

  • What was it like to wait for the new drawing?
  • Did the drawing turn out the way you thought it would?
  • God's people waited a very long time for Jesus to come to earth. But all they needed to do while they waited was to trust God, talk to God, listen to God, and of course, step four . . . leave the results to God.