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At this time, we are offering one worship gathering at 10am. We are dedicated to providing the safest experience possible for everyone who chooses to gather for worship. Below, you will see what we are doing to try to provide a safe atmosphere and what you can expect when you worship with us.


Arriving on Campus

During this season we are encouraging everyone to use the main entrance. The main entrance is at the front of the building. Simply look for the blue tent and make your way toward it for a warm welcome, temperature check, and a gift if you are a first time guest! We do have specially marked parking spots for guests that are closer to the entrance, and we invite you to use one of them on your visit.

What about my kids?

Nursery and Life Church are available during the 10am worship gathering. Nursery is for children from ages 0-3 years and Life Chruch is for Kids 4 years - 5th grade. Our welcome team will help you check your children in, give each of your children a welcome bag, and explain everything you need to know for a great experience.

To provide a safe atmosphere for your children our volunteers are wearing facemasks, our nursery and children's areas have been decluttered for sanitation purposes, and kids are meeting in our student center in order to provide opportunity for social distancing purposes. 

Safety Precautions

- The facility is cleaned before and after each worship gathering.

- Everyone's temperature is checked before entering the facility. This at least assures everyone that at the time of gathering, everyone is fever-free.  

Until further notice:

  • With the general rise of Covid cases nationwide and locally in combination with our current dealings with Covid within our own body, we are making the following adjustments in policies when we gather in person. These guidelines are to be practiced for all gatherings including meetings and practices.
    • EVERYONE will be required to wear a mask while entering and exiting the building. Once you are seated you are more than welcome to remove your mask since at that point you can socially distance. Once the worship gathering concludes, we need EVERYONE to put your mask back on as you pick up your children, use the bathroom, socialize, and exit the building.
    • EVERYONE working with our children will need to always wear a mask unless doing so provides a health risk to you. 
    • ALL CHILDREN (K-5th & preschoolers who can) who participate in children's church will need to wear a mask during children's church. Please let Pastor Eric know if this is not possible for your child due a health condition or child's age. 
    • Temperature checks will continue upon entry to the church facility for worship gatherings but also for smaller groups who meet at any other time.
    • For smaller group gatherings, masks are to be worn unless meeting outdoors with social distancing.
    • Students will be required to wear masks at student ministry functions.
    • Children and students will be practicing social distancing.  Pastor Eric requests that if you have had any contact with anyone with COVID, please remain at home.
    • Again, if there is a health concern, please let Pastor Eric or Pastor Thomas know. 

- Our greeters are wearing facemasks and making sure to welcome you at a safe distance outside the main entrance under the blue tent. 

- Instead of passing offering plates, offering boxes have been set up at the two entrances so that we can worship through giving upon arrival or our departure. Online giving is also available.